Frequently Asked Questions

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What is covered by warranty? What is wear and tear? What is caused by rider error?

  • Snowboard damage is usually caused by one of two things, you hit something or you land funny. There is no warranty on damage caused by impact. Most common impacts are with rocks, other snowboarders/skiers or mountain features such as poles, park boxes, buildings.
  • Delaminating is covered by a 12 month warranty provided there are no signs of impact.
  • Bindings come with a 12 month warranty and that covers manufacturing faults. Not mis-treatment,  wear and tear, incorrectly fitted bindings or rider error, such as poor landings.
  • Boots come with a 12 month warranty that covers manufacturing faults, not wear and tear. There are a number of things you can do to prolong the life of your boots. Don’t walk around in them when you are not on the snow. Don’t wear them wet. Don’t place the metal snowboard edges on your boots. Incorrectly adjusted bindings can cause boots to wear quicker than expected, especially on the foot that you remove when not riding.
  • Jackets/pants/gloves have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults, not wear and tear. There is no warranty on these products if they have ripped due to being caught on something or from rubbing against something abrasive. To prolong the effectiveness of the waterproof membrane, please follow washing instructions. There is no warranty on zips which show damage or that they have been forced.
  • Goggles have very limited warranty. The treatment of goggles is very important to prolong the life of your goggles. Do not clean your goggle lens with anything other than the goggle bag. Do not wipe the inside of your goggle lens, simply dab the cloth to soak up any moisture.  Do not store your goggles wet or in anything wet. Try not to stick your goggles onto your forehead where sweat and heat can cause the inside to fog. Store and place your goggles in such a fashion as to avoid scratching them.
  • Helmets are covered against manufacturing warranty for 12 months. Most helmets are designed to handle one large single impact, so if you feel you have taken a really hard impact, it might be worth considering buying a new helmet. There are multi-impact helmets and they should clearly state they are multi impact. Most multi-impact helmets do not pass the same safety regulations as single impact helmets.