BWMsnow - New Zealand Ski & Snowboard Shop

Based out of Christchurch, New Zealand, BWMsnow Ltd is owned and operated by Greg Robertson, with support from partner Arya. Looking for a way to earn money and go snowboarding all winter, BWMsnow started by selling on Trademe back in 2005 and has since grown to one of largest online snow shops in NZ, plus one of largest snow retail shops in Christchurch. We focus just on snowboarding and skiing. Giving customers a great selection and professional advice.

We are able to offer discounted prices because we:

  • Do not have the high fixed overhead costs of a mainstream shop
  • Parallel import from the US
  • We make a living not a killing

Snowboarding/skiing is about having fun with friends.

Being out in nature and pushing oneself to achieve new levels. We are skiers and boarders; we look out for each other and we work as a team. Even when we are just mucking around on piste, everybody waits for each other, cheers when somebody does something new, its all good fun no matter what level you are at. So whatever method of transport you're on, snow is for all of us, love it, respect it and respect others using it.

Thanks from the BWMsnow team.